Seoul Day 2: A Full Day at Lotte World

lotte world 8

Lotte World was supposed to be on the third day, but our host insisted that it’s best to visit on a weekday. He was right! Unlike my last visit to the amusement park, in which we barely got to try anything, this time we actually got to ride everything we wanted to try.

It was a friday so there weren’t that many people. Of course there’s still a crowd but manageable. We only had to line up for a couple of minutes till we get our turn in the rides. We arrived after lunch since we took the time to eat lunch at the food court in Lotte Mall. I still think we managed to utilize our time! It’s the only destination in our itinerary so we had the entire day to spend in the park. Continue reading

NBS Warehouse Sale Book Haul


It’s been more than a year since my last book haul, so I went a bit crazy when National Bookstore had a Warehouse Sale. I admit I haven’t been reading much for the past two years but I really plan to read more this year! Gone are the days when I spent every payday at a book sale. So when given the chance to hoard books for a very low price, I became rabid and ended up bringing home two big paper bags of fiction and non-fiction books that’ll take me years to finish. Hehe.

Due to the amount of incredulous stares I got from the lady at the counter and my sister who saw me carrying my paperbacks, I think I have a bit of explaining to do. It’s ridiculously cheap! Even though I went during the last day of the warehouse sale in SM San Pablo, I still managed to buy tons. I made a rule not to buy any book priced for more than 50PHP and managed to buy about 30 books. Hehehe. I’m so happy with my purchase, and I really think it’s worth it. I mean, a Roald Dahl book for 10PHP? Hell yeaaaah. Continue reading

I Ship Jalex 5ever


“Aren’t you scared that it’s getting too serious? Aren’t you scared that you might change your mind?” I asked.

You shook your head and answered, “Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t I be scared that you might change your mind?”

I smiled at how ridiculous it sounds. At this point I doubt I would. At this point I never want to. How can I even think of wanting someone else when I already have the best? Continue reading

Seoul Day 1: Sunset at N Seoul Tower, Namsan Park

n seoul tower 4

N Seoul Tower is one of the most popular attractions in Seoul, South Korea. You can see it perched on top of a mountain miles away, and if you watch enough Korean dramas you definitely know it’s the perfect place for a first date.

It’s my second time to visit N Seoul Tower, and I really didn’t mind. I enjoyed the first time I visited the tower and this visit, too. However, I was sad to learn that there’s no more Teddy Bear Museum! I was pretty sure my cousins would enjoy it, but the only Teddy Bear Museum I could find is in Jeju Island. So no chance we’ll be visiting that one. It’s still not a waste because we had a pretty great time and saw some amazing views.

namsan park Continue reading